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1. Who organized this effort, who is participating and who are the decision makers?
A group of individuals who were familiar with land and water issues began organizing the Brazos Valley Water Alliance L.P. in the year 2000.

The Alliance is committed to use of the water only in Texas with potential users being regional municipalities and industrial entities. Its development will be consistent with the Alliance members and managers' goals and plans. The very best hydrologists, engineers and consultants will oversee it.

A Board of Managers has been appointed to carry out the decision-making responsibilities of the Alliance. The Board of Managers includes local landowners and other stakeholders in the Alliance.
To our knowledge there is no foregoing model of this type of alliance anywhere in Texas. However, it is similar to the rural co-op concept that has been very beneficial to agriculture and electric companies throughout Texas.

2. Who benefits, how much and when?

The landowners will benefit by being participants in the process and recipients of profit from the Alliance. Every landowner will receive a proportionate amount of a 10% royalty and 51% of net profits from the project. In addition, the community will also benefit as profits will be earmarked and returned to community charities in the four-county area. We are hopeful to start putting money into the pockets of landowners, businesses and charities soon.

3. What is the cost of this project?
Costs can't be determined until a potential user is found. The real question is what is this project worth? The potential worth is tens of millions of dollars per year for the participating landowners and the local economy.

4. What is the likelihood of this project being successful, how do you measure success and when will it occur? Hundreds of landowners have joined the Alliance, and with the increasing need for water throughout the state we are confident the project will be very successful. The timetable - and the project's success - will be measured by how fast money is returned to the participating landowners, communities and charities.

5. What does the contract say? (Essence of the deal)
The Water Right Leases will provide landowners a proportionate 51% of net profits from the Alliance and 10% of royalties.

6. How much information is shared with the landowners and how do you keep them informed?
The Brazos Valley Water Alliance, L.P. and the landowners have shared goals for and interest in the economic development and management of the water resource. Consequently, it is important to the success of the project that they be informed on a regular basis through the website and mailings to keep Alliance members informed.

7. How many landowners are being targeted?
The area covers approximately one million acres of land; all property owners in the area are potential Alliance members.


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